Super Sound Science Lesson

This week in science we’ve been planning our own sound investigations to discover if bigger ears can hear better!!


Happy Easter

A big thank you to Friends of Heddon School for the chocolate eggs. We had great fun hunting for our treat.

Happy Easter from everyone on year 4.



Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Year 4 and Year 6 were excited to find lots and lots of ‘mystery’ books in their classroom on World Book Day.

The books had been parcelled up in wrapping paper so we couldn’t see what we were reading. Instead of judging whether we would like to read a book based on its cover, we decided to read the first page of each text to see if we would like to read on!

We read lots of different openings and we all had very different opinions. After we’d finally decided on our favourite extract – we got to unwrap the surprise book and find our next read!

Super Science

We are nearly at the end of our ‘States of Matter’ topic in science and today we learned about changing states when the temperature is altered. The children did a great job of carrying out their own investigation linked to the melting points of different types of chocolate and then writing a scenitific report to discuss their findings.

It’s a mystery!

We’ve been having lots of fun in English, looking at clues from our new text. The classroom looked more like a crime scene on Friday but we were all diligent detectives and managed to make thoughtful and considered predictions about the text, plot and characters.

The Explorer!!

The children have been LOVING our class text, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell and this week we have looked at character and setting descriptions. Inspired by Rundell’s exciting plot and delightful descriptions, the children are going to write their own version of an adventure story. Today we planned our story and created interesting characters who will find themselves stranded in the rainforest.

So you can enjoy your child’s adventure story, I will be sending a copy home tomorrow evening – happy reading!

Super 6!

We are really becoming masters of our times tables in year 4. This week we’ve been focusing on the sixes with great success. We played games on Friday to help with our rapid recall and everyone had lots of fun!


Habitat Heros!

In science this half term we’ve been learning about living things and their habitats. Mr Batey and Dylan have kindly made us a hedgehog house which we’ve placed in the school gardens. Over the next few weeks we’ll be checking (and hoping) to see if a hedgehog chooses our house for his hibination habitat.

We’ll keep you updated!